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You may think you can leave that tree stump in your yard indefinitely. But the truth is, whether you are trying to turn it into a feature of your lawn or not, tree stump removal is the best way to keep you, your family, and your property safe.

By safely and effectively removing stumps from your yard, we can help you maintain the appeal and health of your land. We offer all potential customers a free estimate, so one of our professionals can thoroughly walk you through the process before you commit and ensure we can meet your concerns.

For more information about why we take Ajax tree removal so seriously, here are three benefits that come from getting that tree stump taken out as soon as possible.

#1: Tree Stumps are a Safety Hazard

Whether or not you like the way your tree stump looks, it can certainly be dangerous to keep around. 

Because they are low to the ground, tree stumps make for a suitable tripping hazard, putting any children running around the yard (or adults running after them) at greater risk. No one wants to risk injuries to those that live at or visit their property.

Additionally, they make for more difficult lawn care, either for gardeners or mowers. By not providing proper tree removal for your Ajax property, that stump can become an eyesore and a pain in the neck.

#2: Tree Stumps Attract Pests

While it may seem like that stump is just sitting there, it’s slowly breaking down. Trees are, after all, living organisms. But when you cut down a tree, the roots die off, leaving the stump to die as well. 

Once the roots die, the stump begins to rot. That attracts pests to your yard who want to eat the stump—at least, that’s how it starts. Once wood-boring bugs like beetles, carpenter ants, or termites find your area, they may turn their attention to other healthy trees and shrubs on your lawn, or even your home itself. Even if the bugs stay away, dead tree stumps can grow fungi, which pose a threat to both children and pets. 

The best thing you can do to protect yourself and others against these dangers is to get a tree stump removed promptly. By hiring a professional, you can trust your lawn and loved ones safe. 

#3: Ajax Tree Removal Specialists Make Sure the Job is Done Right

Even partial tree stump removals can leave your land in danger. And if you attempt the tree removal yourself, you may miss a vital part of the job that can endanger your well-being. 

For instance, although a tree root is usually too weak to break pipes and sewage lines around your house, roots can sometimes grow into already damaged lines. If that happens, the root can absorb water and spread deeper through the ground. Sometimes the pipe will burst, causing even more expensive damages and repairs down the line. 

By investing in Ajax tree removal experts who know how to tend to proper stump removal, you can ensure the pesky stumps, along with their roots, are safely and thoroughly removed. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about how our professionals can help with your tree removal, get in touch with us now. Not only can we help ensure your yard stays safe, but we also provide free estimates for stump removals to Ajax property owners. 

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