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Trees can turn into a hazard or cause too much obstruction. A few pruning sessions can fix these issues in most cases, but sometimes cutting them down is the only solution.

Cutting the tree yourself might seem like a task worth undertaking, but it’s not something we recommend doing. Unless you have the right tools and experience, tree cutting can damage your property and even cause you or others bodily harm.

Save yourself the time and effort by employing our Ajax tree cutting service. We have a team of experts who can remove your tree quickly, safely, and effectively.

When Tree Cutting Is the Best Option

The tree poses too much hazard

Trees that have suffered too much damage are dangerous. Large portions of the tree may fall at any time, or it might even topple down in its entirety. Before it causes harm to you and your property, the safest option is to remove it.

The tree is causing an obstruction

Trees blocking roads and footpaths can cause an inconvenience, and sometimes pruning won’t do the trick. Cutting down a tree may also be necessary to make way for new infrastructure and landscaping.

The tree is decaying or dead

Trees suffering from infestation or disease for long periods become structurally weak. If you think that your tree is dying, we can inspect it and provide the best plan of action.

The tree is crowding the surrounding flora

Some trees grow too large and inhibit the growth of surrounding trees, plants, and grass. If pruning proves ineffective, cutting it down may be the only option.

Affordable Pricing for Quality Service

The cost of tree cutting is a case-by-case basis. Here are some of the factors we take into consideration:

  • Species – Tree species in the Ajax area have differing heights, number and density of branches, trunk girths, and other aspects that affect the difficulty of the process.
  • Condition – Trees that are strong and healthy are harder to cut down. Conversely, dead and rotting ones may take less time, but this isn’t always the case.
  • Accessibility – With every case, we always take the tree’s surroundings into account. Some trees may have power lines, buildings, and other structures close by, so the job might require more complex equipment.

We always give our clients a fair price for our services. If you want a free estimate of the costs, please give us a call.

We Provide a Thorough and Honest Diagnosis

Cutting down the tree isn’t always the only option. Ajax Tree Removal’s expert team assesses each situation and provides our clients with potential ways to solve the problem. If you want to preserve your tree, there might be a way we can restore its vitality.

If tree cutting is the most practical route, we ensure a smooth process every step of the way. Sometimes, local permits are required before we can start the procedure, and we can help you out with those as well!

If you require premier Ajax tree cutting services, call Ajax Tree Removal for a free consultation!

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