Oshawa Tree Removal By-Laws

Everything you need to know about tree removal regulations in Oshawa, Ontario

The city of Oshawa regulates the maintenance of trees, which include trees located on commercial and residential properties. They are considered valuable natural resources that contribute to our environment, with positive social and economic advantages. The city’s Forestry Services maintain city-owned trees, and all other trees are managed by Oshawa tree removal by-laws.

Residential Trees in Oshawa

Trees provide many great benefits for your property, including shade, increased land value, controlling the impact of rainwater, and reducing runoff. They improve air quality and improve the quality of neighbourhoods and traffic safety. If there is a tree that appears to be on your land, your home survey will clarify where the property lines are, so you can determine if it is on your residential property.

Generally, trees on private property are not restricted in the same way as city-owned trees or trees located in environmentally sensitive areas. Suppose you’re unsure whether a tree is on your property, either because there’s an unclear division of land or your property is considered protected land. In that case, it’s best to check with Oshawa Forestry Services before hiring an arborist.

If you have concerns about trees on your property, a qualified tree service specialist will assess your tree(s) and determine which steps are needed.

City-owned Trees in Oshawa

The city of Oshawa restricts the removal of trees on city property and requires a permit for pruning or cutting down a tree on public land. Typically, city-owned trees are planted within two meters from the sidewalk or curb. Oshawa maintains trees to ensure they don’t obstruct visibility and support their structure to prevent damage and potential issues.

If a resident has concerns about the safety or health of a city-owned tree, they can send a request to the City of Oshawa to review the tree. Street trees are generally maintained on a seven-year cycle, or as needed, either due to an emergency or by request.

Trees on Protected Land in Oshawa

Trees located on conservation woodlands, including trees protected on similar land in the Durham region, must not be removed. The city and region’s by-laws have undergone revisions to clarify how trees are maintained and protected in recent years.

Some of the changes proposed include increasing fines for illegal tree removal, prohibiting precise cutting in specific areas within the city and settlement areas, and better defining how trees are removed, including specific guidelines and exceptions.


Generally, Oshawa’s tree removal by-laws primarily cover city-owned areas and protected lands. In contrast, privately-owned trees are subject to review by a private company, such as an arborist or a tree service company. If you have any concerns about whether a tree lies on private or public property, it can often be resolved by confirming property lines and the type of property or land.

Trees on environmentally sensitive land, or where there are unique circumstances, may be subject to specific protections. You can contact a local Oshawa tree removal company to determine the options for removal if there are concerns about a tree’s health or safety.

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