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Landscaping isn’t always easy—it can be unclear what care a tree needs, making it hard to treat when it seems like it needs help. But no matter what is happening to your tree, our Ajax arborists can provide sensible, sustainable solutions to your land. 

We never compromise on quality, so we work with you to make sure we meet your needs. And because we are full-service, we can provide yard services such as trimming, pruning, storm damage, and tree and stump removal. 

Our team of Ajax arborists has seen it all. So, whether your tree seems diseased, dead, or is impacting your quality of life, they can help ensure your property gets the help it needs so that it can return to its top form.

Why Use Ajax Arborists? 

Just like the rest of your property, your landscaping should fit your lifestyle. Our Ajax arborists can help make sure your yard reflects your personality. They work with you to provide reliable results and make sure your land exceeds your expectations. 

By working with our team of arborists, Ajax residents can be confident the care their yard receives is comprehensive, with services that include:

  • Eradication of tree disease or insect infestation
  • Proper soil care 
  • Ajax tree pruning, trimming, and risk assessment (including root care)
  • Tree removal of dangerous or dead trees
  • Tree planting 
  • Stump removal

Our Ajax arborists are happy to help alleviate any concerns you may have. Call our office today and set up a free consultation and estimate for your yard with one of our Ajax arborist specialists. No matter what the season, our professionals can help your lawn shine.

Reduce Risk, Increase Value

Caring for trees can help lower the risk of accidents. Trees that are not well-tended can break down and harm people or property. Dead or decaying trees can attract pests, spreading to nearby shrubbery or even the foundation of a building. By calling in well-trained Ajax arborists, you can better safeguard your land from precarious elements.

Plus, by working with our Ajax arborists, you can improve the efficiency of your commercial or residential property. Not only do trees help your home stay cool during the hot Ontario summers, but they also contribute to higher overall property value.

Ajax Arborists Let You Relax

While it may seem like everyday yard work, tending to the needs of your foliage or removing dead trees is a big undertaking. It requires special skills and tools to be done right and can be challenging for those without proper training. 

Our Ajax arborists help make it simple. By hiring one of our expert, highly-trained professionals, you can rest easy that the job gets done to perfection, with your satisfaction being the number one goal. All Ajax arborists come to your door fully insured and with a range of experience, so no matter what your property needs are, they can surely help. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what one of our knowledgeable Ajax arborists can do for you, call our offices today. We offer all clients a complimentary consultation and work with them to build a customized plan for their landscaping.

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